How to make your store

You can create your store less than 5 minute

Before create a store take care of the below points

  • Please be ready working email address
  • We do not charge any service cost for this service and this service for totally free of charge
  • Buyers can order the goods and servicer via the website and to provide a good service is the responsible for each store owners in the list. (We Only allowed pay on delivery for now)
  • Please support us to make a good services/goods store by providing the correct details and contact numbers double check your service/good category so buyers can easily find your products/services
  • Please get help of help from someone else if you need to create a store or just contact us using the contact details which provided in the website we are happy to help you
  • You can use chat options in the below / email or WhatsApp your inquiries
  • If your goods or services category is not listing let us know it we will create your service category

Step – 01 – Home Click on the link in the home page (Click here) and fill the registration form as shown below

Step – 02 – Click on Let’s go!

Step – 03- Please provide the details as much as you possible and Continue (No need to provide the all details you can skips some details if need)

Please provide some mandatory fields such as Store Name, Store Location, Contact Number

Step – 04- You can click continue and fill the details as much you possible. We only provide the cash on delivery for the moment we are planning to provide the other payment option in the future.

Step – 05- Now we are done !

Step – 06- Now we are done ! – Click on Lets go to the dashboard

If you have successfully followed the above options you can see the below dashboard. To add new product or service Click on Products Option

Click Add New

Step 07 – Please provide the details such as good/service name details, Image , Category etc.. and click the submit button

If anything unclear please contact us we are willing to help you all..

How to update store details later

Yes you can skip the steps and update the details later for this

01 – Go to store manager

02 – Go to settings

the you can update the required details and submit