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How to reach polonnaruwa from Colombo

There are two ways to reach polonnaruwa from Colombo.

  1. Colombo –> Kurunagala –> dambulla –> polonnaruwa way (217 KM)
  2. Colombo –> Kegalle –> Kandy –> via mathale Rd –> Polonnaruwa (268KM)

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The history of Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa was the thriving commercial and religious center of Sri Lanka in 11th Century, A.D. It consists of a lot of temples and religious buildings. For three centuries it was the royal capital, of both the Chola and Sinhalese kingdoms. In Polonnaruwa, it all started in the late 10th century when the South Indian Chola dynasty had conquered Sri Lanka.
The Cholas chose Polonnaruwa as their new capital and shifted the capital from Anuradhapura. Their reasons were apparently that is was a strategically better place to be protected from attacks from the Ruhunu Sinhalese kingdom in the south-east.
In 1070 though, the Chola dynasty was overtaken by the Sinhalese kingdom (King Vijayabahu I), which kept Polonnaruwa as his capital. And it was during this Sinhalese period that Polonnaruwa reached its best.
The second king (King Parakramabahu I, 1153-86) built many huge buildings, huge water tanks (Prakrama Samudraya) beautiful parks. The third king (King Nisanka Malla, 1187 – 96) tried to match his predecessor’s achievements, and ended up bankrupting the kingdom in his attempts!

Places to visit in Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

City map


Good Video about Polonnaruwa

360 views of polonnaruwa ancient city 

watadageya – polonnaruwa

Lankathilaka wiharaya – polonnaruwa

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