Top five mountains in Sri Lanka

Piduruthalagala (Height : 2524m)

From Nuwara eliya town its about 11.3km to reach piduruthalagala mountain you can go via udapussellawa road.

Start the job without fear of hiding places. Nuwara Eliya Town from going down or whose Listen Piduruthalagala know how, you will get the Road. Sad to say, but the walk is softer asphalt road along. 11 km distance like that. Because the mountain, the whole journey will take nearly 4 hours. But may seem hard enough. What aiming, beautiful environment is full of birds dove’s fourth round. Can see it well, especially elk. A temperate climate well. But keep in mind, one security reasons, you will not be able to if the mountain top.

Kirigalpoththa (Height : 2388m)

Do not mess too. Go by bus Pattipola Pattipola come back to town. There have since nearly 11 kilometers entrance Horton Plains. Walked, but not a loss, because it is full of thick pine forest birds. Horton Plains visions from a few purely because it’s broken heart as elk, reptiles study that open.It is nearly takes 5 hours to reach the top of kirigalpotta mountain.

Thotupala (Height : 2357m)

it’s going to be sort of a journey of 2 hours. Only about 6 km of Ari’s entrance Pattipola is to walk. But it is a journey that is not aiming at a big see. But there is something worthy of the name of this mountain just to get a Look fallen. In case the same is to maximize the taste epitomizes.

Sri Padaya (Height : 2243m)

You can reach Sri Padaya via Nallathanniya road easily . But there are some other ways as well you can take nice shots specially via Rathnapura road and also can study a species of amphibian biodiversity.

Route1: from Colombo

Colombo -> Awissawella [58km on A4] -> Ginigathhena [53km on A7] -> Diyagala [5km on A7] -> Norton Bridge [7km on B71] -> Maussakelle [16km on B328] -> Nallathanni, Dalhousie [11km on B149]

Distance from Colombo is 150km

Reoute2: from Hatton

Hatton -> Dickoya[4km on B149] -> Norwood [6km on B149] -> Maskeliya [8km on B149] -> Maussakelle [3km on B149] -> Nallathanni, Dalhousie [11km on B149]

Reoute3: from Rathnapura

Colombo -> Ratnapura [100km on A4] -> Malwala [7.5km on B391] -> Palabaddale[12km on B265] -> Siripagama [2.5km]

Knuckles Mountain Range (Height : 915m)

Knuckles Mountain Range is fragment of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka which is also above 3000 Ft or 915 Mts. from sea level and shields an area of about 90 Sq.Miles or 234 Sq.Km of land extent. This is also called as Knuckles Range or Knuckles Peaks or simply as Knuckles. The cause to call it Knuckles is since, there is a mountain with five peaks in itself, that looks like the knuckles of a clenched fist when seen from Kandy. Knuckles also known as ” Dumbara Mitiyawatha ” which means ” The Misty Vally “. Since this inner mountainous zone is off the driving roads, it remains as an unspoilt nature reserve even today.



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