The Sigiriya city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site  is an ancient rock fortress situated in the northern Matale District close to the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is well-known for its 200 metre high red stone fort. Sigiriya Rock provides you with one of the most spectacular sites in Sri Lanka. Peak of this rock includes ruins of an ancient palace complex  and surrounding it is the Royal Garden and Ruins of various halls, stairways and ponds can be seen at the top of this rock.

How can you reach Sigiriya ?

  • The shortest way from colombo is ..

Colombo-> Kelaniya->Kadawatha->Gampaha->yakkala->Nittambuwa->Pasyala->Weweldeniya->Warakapola->Polgahawela->Pothuhera->Kurunegala->Melsiripura->Omaragolla->Galewela->Inamaluwa->Kimbissa->Sigiriya

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The History of Sigiriya

Sigiriya rock was a Buddhist monastery between the third century BC to 477 CE. In 477 ACE Sri Lanka was regulated by King Dhatusena. The king had two childs named Kashyapa and Mogallana. But, Kashyapa was his son by a non royal companion and was therefore not a legal heir to the throne. Conversely, Mogallana was King Dhatusena’s son by the right queen and he was the legal heir to the throne of Sri Lanka.  Next, he snatched the throne by killing King Dhatusena. As a outcome, Mogallana escaped to India and Kashyapa supposed control of Sri Lanka. Next the grand complex on the top of the rock were built by King Kashyapa.

The Apsara Paintings

The most famous facial appearances of the Sigiriya complex are the 5th century. Apsara paintings found in a sadness and the paintings would have sheltered most of the western face more than 100 metres above earth level.

Apsara paintings are variety of thoughts about their characteristics. Some suppose that they are the womens of the king’s and others think that they are women taking part in religious observances. These paintings have a close similarities to paintings seen in the Ajanta frescoes in India.


Water Sources

The beauty of Sigiriya

YouTube Video about Sigiriya

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