beautiful places to visit in srilanka

Polhena beach, Matara


One of safest beaches in Sri Lanka. And Polhena is very popular with its beauty as well. This is located away from the Colombo, in down south close to Matara. This beach is very safe because of the coral reef lying bit away from the shore. All the big waves crash on this reef and only a small wave in color of white is finally washing the sand of the beach. This look like a small lake connected to the sea from a side. Polhena is very famous among the local guests more than foreign people as I think. However I need to say this is one of the best beach in Sri Lanka.

Bopath Ella waterfall, Kuruwita, Ratnapura


Bopath Ella is located in Rathnapura, few kilometers from Kuruwita town. This waterfall has its uniqueness among all the others. The reason is this water fall look very much like a leap of the “Bo” tree. This is a nice place where you can ever be. It is very safe to bath here. If we talk about the facilities and the hotels where you can get the services from, it is very good in here because many people are attracted by the beauty of this waterfall.

Kithulgala – Waterfalls and river inside Makanduwa/ kithulgala forest (famous for water rafting)


Kithulgala is very famous for water rafting its a popular place among local people and foreigners as well. I must say this is only one another beautiful place made of Kelani River. People are attracted to here because of its natural beauty. In this area the river becomes totally white in color because of the ups and downs and the barriers the river meets with. Visitors can have an adventure boat ride in the river as well. It is easy to reach from Colombo and it will only take less than 2 hours. The facilities are very high because the number of people who are coming here daily is a big number

Paravithota, Ingiriya


Another wonderful place located in Ingiriya sir lanka, just one hour drive from Colombo. This is an attractive place because of its little water stream and the natural pool which is very safe for a bath. Most of people around Colombo choosing Paravithota for their one day trips because it is very close to Colombo, the clean and tidy environment. There are hotels and other facilities as well. It cost only a little amount of money for a visit to Paravithota.

Pasikuda Beach, Batticloa

Pasikuda beach, recognized as one of safest beaches in Sri lanka. The sea is visualized with crystal clear water. It is located in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The nearest city is Batticloa. It is very famous among the travelers who travel around the sri lankan tourism areas. Throughout the year the beach is fully crowded with travelers from all around the world.  Foreign travelers never miss this beach as it is known as an ideal destination for a sea bath.

Especially Pasikudha beach is appropriate for the beginners in water surfing. Surfing the waves, pulling off cool techniques, jumping high off the wave and spinning in the air are attractive. They have been trained to the surfing game professionally.


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